Why choose us

Because the eyes are very important element for an harmonic and creative life and deserves the best treat possible.

Because the eye diseases are not a problem any more , on the contrary they can be faced very effectively improving our quality of life

Because in our ophthalmological clinic our main purpose is to provide medical services of the highest standards, using equipment of the latest technology, to people of all ages, in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Because the Md Surgeon, Antony Papantoniou being a highly experienced ophthalmologist , who never ceases to update his knowledge on every new aspect within his field of expertise, will personally handle the examining along with the diagnose and treatment of the patient, within a spirit of honesty understanding, respect, and mutual trust.

Because in our ophthalmology clinic you will enjoy the utmost personal treat for your eyes while you can enjoy without any further care on your side , the beauties of Athens , a city of rich cultural and historical wealth.

The high standard of expertise of the Greek doctors is acknowledged worldwide as is the beauties and cultural background of Greece which hosts millions of tourists every year.

Main cause of this effort is to provide our patients with the best opportunity to combine high standard medical services while at the same time they would have the opportunity to enjoy their stay in Athens , the capital of Greece , the country included among the top 10 best tourist destinations worldwide, during their treatment, through a specially designed 6 day package deal as tourists , without any extra cost other than the one covering their treatment/

Our main goal is for our patients to visit Greece in order to operate their eyes without having to bother about where to stay or how to move around or what places to visit. Everything is predicted and arranged in advance so as to make their stay in Athens an excellent memory.

Greek doctors of high standard expertise will do their best for your eyes while our friendly staff would make their utmost for you and your partner to have a pleasant stay providing a fully equipped residence in one of the best parts of Athens , at the feet of Acropolis , just a few minutes away by foot, from most of the most interesting attractions of the city!  See our tourist package.