How to apply eye drops correctly

When we visit our ophthalmologist, he/she will most probably prescribe some eye drops or ointments. Are you that you know the right way to apply them on your eyes?

The first thing to do is to shake slightly the bottle to mix its contents to dissolve any sediment formed.

The drug contained in the drops will become active when it enters the recess (something like a pocket) formed by the lower eyelid so that it will be absorbed by the vessels. If the drops fall outside the eye, on the skin or the eyelashes they will not serve their purpose since they cannot be absorbed by the skin.

After applying the drops, it is advisable to keep your eye closed for nearly one minute to facilitate its absorption.

If you use more than one type of eye drops and their times of use are the same, it is advisable to wait 20 minutes before applying the next treatment. If not, the immediate application of the one after the other will simply wash out the previous treatment before it has the time to be absorbed.

To avoid swallowing any amount of the eye drops, press the part of your face between the base of your nose and the eye with your finger to prevent it from entering the lacrimal drainage system.

Applying more than one drop does not lead to better results. The eye can hold approximately one drop in the recess. If you apply more than one drops they will simply outflow from the eye and run onto your cheek.