Doctor's Office

Our ophthalmology clinic is fully equipped with the latest technology. It has an ophthalmology unit provided with a slit-lamp and a Javal optical system. Furthermore, it is equipped with a non contact tone meter for painless pressure measurement, a refractometer and automated phoropter for fast and accurate measurement of refractive errors, a retinometer intended for preoperative estimation of optic acuity in cataract surgery, visual fields for diagnosing optic nerve injuries. It is fitted with all the small apparatus that complete the equipment of an ophthalmology clinic (simple tonemeter, direct and indirect ophthalmoscope etc).

Moreover, minor surgery may also be performed at the clinic, at a special room provided with several microsurgery instrument sets and a latest technology autoclave.

It should be noted that, in order to manage extremely difficult cases, the clinic is connected with the most specialized medical centres in Greece and abroad where these patients can be immediately referred to and adequately treated.

The clinic totals 105 square meters, and is provided with two personal computers . Its secretariat its fully staffed by highly qualified English speaking personnel.

Our medical services are provided at rates so affordable that patients from all social classes can use them, by visiting our high standard facility that is provided with cutting edge technology. They will find answers to their medical problems without having to worry about financial issues.

At our clinic patients and not profit come first.


1) Refractive test  

2) Eyelid and cornea testing using the slit-lamp

3) Orthoptic assessment

4) Tonometry test with non-contact tonometer

5) Pachymetry measurements

6) Visual fields

7) Tear film assessment

8) Fundoscopic examination with direct and indirect ophthalmoscope

9) Contact lens fitting test

10) Color perception test