Cosmetic ophthalmology

A large part of ophthalmology has to do with the esthetics of the eyes, the eyelids and the entire eye area. With age, the skin of the eye lids becomes slackened. Thus the skin folds tend to increase, there are bags under the eyes and eye lid apertures become distorted. This changes the appearance of the face.

What’s more, the eyelid aperture may turn inwards (entropion) or outwards (ectropion).

The area around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and any surgery performed in that area and requires special training and high skills from the surgeon.

The surgical procedures we perform to correct the various esthetic imperfections vary depending on the problem.

Thus we can rejuvenate the expression of the eyes and the face in general by performing cosmetic surgery that is totally safe for patients who can return to their daily activities in 2-3 days.

Any small marks caused by the stitches will disappear in a few days.